hesitation’s inevitability


hesitation’s inevitability

in quiet moments it finds me

the lackluster silhouette

of the woman I wanted to be

she is the driftwood and the honeysuckle

she is the siren and the significance

she      is      the      alpha

the wishes blown across

a thousand birthday candles

the tug of a wedding night garter belt

the air evaporating spontaneously

in each and every room entered

she is the humming of a song

on a death bed

the girl who cried wolf

and the wolf who ate her

she is the other

version of me

a. duncan, 2017





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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

9 thoughts on “hesitation’s inevitability

  1. Definitely sounds like she is a complex beast at that. I like the wavering difference – the alpha, the wind, the shadow. She’s all of this and more. An enigma. Which are beautiful to learn and appreciate and unwrap.

    I had a strange thought: Do you like photography, perchance? I was just thinking how wonderful something taken through your own eyes could be when submitted with your text.

    It doesn’t have to be sexual, there’s plenty beauty in the world that isn’t based in our bodies. But still. As a reader (probably more as a dreamer, I’d like to see that!)

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    1. This is wonderful feedback. She is a complicated one 😉 the side of me that still attains some sense of power over her world.

      I adore photography! But I’ve never owned a camera worthy of capturing the kind of photos that match up with the vivid landscapes I dream up in these poems.

      What about you – do you dabble in photography? I notice you have an affinity for black and white.


      1. As long as there is a balance to these complex emotions, I think she will be all the better for it!

        What about a phone? I’d imagine you could be as freeform and capture something magic. Trust your eye as much as you trust your hand to own your thoughts on paper.

        I’ve always wanted to get into photography but I don’t think I have a keen eye for it. Or a keen partner in crime to help paint an image together.

        I do like black and white, I think there’s fun to be had with shadows and light. It’s also moody and mysterious and romantic if handled right. But I do like my colours of done right.

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  2. Seriously you can’t post photos in comments….? I was going to send along some of the photos I’ve taken recently as examples but apparently WordPress doesn’t want to play along (at least not from mobile)


      1. There aren’t really any that I would consider remarkable. My phone is almost filled to capacity with photo’s of my beautiful two year old daughter. If I find anything else of particular interest, I’ll send them along.


      2. Well please don’t feel obligated to share. I only brought up photography because I felt even the simplest photo, however remarkable or unremarkable, might add to your words.

        I would encourage you to be as freeform with your world as you are with your writing.

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