r i s e

r  i  s  e

rise for her

rise on command

close your eyes

follow the clandestine voice

1, 2, 3…

you are mine

m  i  n  e

levitate in a fever

meditate on the avarice

be her matinee

there’s no difference


this hypnosis and

f  o  r  e  p  l  a  y

let her conjure

let her try

r  i  s  e

rise again and again

you know

you can’t have her

so she’ll fuck

your mind,


a. duncan, 2017


photo credit: Robert Cornelius Photography

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

10 thoughts on “r i s e

      1. I’m doing well! How about yourself? I missed you as well. My apologies for my absence – sometimes our hearts scales get weighed down and we need some time to …. be. I am always so honored by your lovely feedback!

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