an ode to home

i was born in a manger

of slanted cypress branches

baptized by the bay waters

my heart’s intricacies

shrouded in a gnostic fog

buried beside, above


an august vermilion gateway

confection color victorians


parched golden fields

begging for torrential

mirror the molten butterflies

in my moldavite eyes

a sentimental landscape

blanketed in erratic

collectives of coquelicot

 and I

a rebel wild flower child

soothed by cable car lullabies

liberated by eight lane freeways

in this, my home

a.duncan, 2017

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

14 thoughts on “an ode to home

    1. I curtsy to you kind sir. Such a sweet compliment! I’m from San Francisco and my soul was aching for it when I was writing it. I am so pleased the images painted from my memory translated to you!!

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      1. You are a delightful soul and kind.

        My Aunt is from San Francisco. I hear a lot of the art and poetry scene is happening. One day, I’m going to take a trip to San Francisco and explore of what people are saying about the great bay area. 🙂

        I’m happy and blessed everyday to find such genuine kind hearted writers and human beings you share their emotions to the world. 🙂

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      2. My kindness is a reflection of yours. There are no coincidences in this crazy world we find ourselves in. We uncover members of our kindred tribe when we are meant to. I am grateful too, that we can share our creativity and craft with each other. With a mutually shared understanding and support 💕

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      3. Indeed. A poetic tribe of our community bring forth an energy, balance, and understanding of who we are and what the world around us needs. Our voice, & pen is our weapon to cure the planet of such evil. Love is our second weapon to heal the wounds of humanity. 🙂

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      4. Ps. You’ll love my home. It’s amazing. I do hope you’ll have the opportunity to see it for yourself. Recently it’s been taken hostage by an invasive species known as “tech yuppies”, but my city is resilient and will out last their unwelcome residence 😉

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      5. That would be awesome! I’d love the company of your home. “Tech Yuppies” huh? Every time I hear or see those types of yuppies, I get a sour taste in my mouth.

        I read your about me recently. Hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to compliment you first and foremost. You are a very exquisite and beautiful woman. Your also a mother? Are you a single mother?


      6. You are making my cheeks blush on this grey Monday morning. My goodness I am not deserving of such praise. I can assure you it was just good lighting… lol.

        Simple questions sometimes have complicated answers. I am indeed a mother. My daughter, Savannah, is two years old and already possesses enough grace and intelligence to take over the world. I am very much married. In the legal sense. It’s something I discuss frequently in my work….

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      7. With compliments finds medicine in happiness.

        I’m so happy for you. You and your family are blessed and such filled with grace. 🙂

        It makes me happy to know that people are happy. 🙂

        You make the world a better place. 🙂

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      8. You are so caring and positive and I love it!! Thank you! I am extremey blessed to be a mother… blessed to watch her bloom and change and gain understanding and compassion. She sees magic in the world and it keeps me alive.

        I discuss marriage in works like Fleur Phantome and Suddenly out of reach. You could give those a second look for more insight – if interested. Now I’m going to read and enjoy your newest prose!


      9. The Bay Area is a hot bed of hipsterdom. But they’re just scarecrows… they ward off all who might seek the brilliant garden of humans that grow there 😉


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