v a l k y r i e


he imagines me

a valkyrie

and lo, behold

set thine adoring eyes

on your divine

be not beguiled

by my empty

Cheshire smile

in his mind’s temples

depicted victorious

on sun kissed panes

of wörsel stained glass

fiercely cherubic

his holy ghost

some kind of

beautiful banshee

a sinner princess

perched on a pedestal

designed for saints

and saviors

it’s there

he still imagines me

a valkyrie

adorned in bronze byrnie

the rivets peeled back

exposing wounded flesh

in rothko hues of blue

aubergine and peony

hilt gripped

confidently against

my goddess hip

 crowned and courageous

with sublime elongated

feathered appendages

drained of all sanguine

a proud raven

reduced to a swan

weeping enormous tears

that oxidize my aventail


love’s crusade

a lost cause

and begging

valhalla’s forgivness

i am fallen

i cannot be

a valkyrie

a. duncan, 2017




** Artwork by RandallFischer on deviantART


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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