Qualified (uterine enlightenment)

i am

fiercely feminine

does that frighten you?

my ability to

incubate life

within myself

to sustain two heartbeats

all while balancing

in six inch heels

should I apologize?

for the threat

posed by

my pregnant intellect

my maternal beatitude

my singular victory

over gendered servitude

the one sector

you have no business in

life begins

and thrives

in a woman

 don’t you hate that?

my reflection

in that glass ceiling

so pretty

and just beyond

the aesthetic


breeds potential

i build empires

in my uterus

i raise armies

in my blood

i nurture fury

in my fallopians

should I be ashamed?

my pain tolerance

eclipses  everything

my sinews

harbor a potency

unknown to virility

and if

“woman’s work”


forging humanity

then every woman

is highly qualified

a.duncan, 2016

Posted by

"She would fill endless notebooks with stories about the characters in her life, their impressions, words, friends, lovers, inspirations, fantasies. She spent her days dreaming up worlds where they fit together in visions; the if only, the never again, the someday. Those who knew her best would describe her as a creature with a clear and sometimes painful sense of herself; furious with ideas and convictions, to a point that she frightened love away with discernment and a relentless strength of character."

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