i used to

i used to watch those shows

survivalist documentaries

aging caucasian man

stocking his bunker

with canned meat

lining his helmet

in tin foil

the apocolyptic rambling’s

society’s unraveling

i used to smile

at that

misguided man

and his

foolish preparations

radioactive anticipations

i’d say

“do gas masks

come in

rose colored


if the end

is nigh

i still

want to

look good.”

as he’s counting

hollow points and

gathering rain water

i used to imagine

him kissing

the galvanized steel

of the hatch

he’s welding

from trailer siding


“keep us safe, my queen”

and it used to

make me giggle

but now

in this

political climate

 a nightmare

is pending

and i

am without shelter

so maybe he

knew something

i didn’t

a.duncan, 2016

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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