When art finds you


We are all affected by art in different and incredibly unique ways. We interpret music, imagery, and words based on our personal experiences and preferences. After all, no two people see the same color or feel the same emotion when gazing at that color.

So today’s question is: Have you ever come across a poem, a song, a painting, a film or any other form of art, that stopped you in your proverbial tracks because it felt torn from the very fabric of your soul? As if you yourself had imagined it, experienced it, or dreamt it before another person put it into being? Something that is so intimate and emblematic to you that you held your breath wondering how someone else was able to replicate it from your mind and heart?

Recently I found an artist who speaks to me on that kind of deep, visceral level. The absolutely amazing, heart-burstingly gorgeous work of artist Chiara Bautista. This woman somehow has a window into the most secret chambers of my heart and creates sketches and paintings that mirror so many of my own visions, images that mean everything to me.  I’ve been toying with writing a graphic novel that confronts dark themes of rejection, psychopathic tendencies and violence but also celebrates the beauty nature, innocence, strength, femininity. So many of her pieces, for me, not only stunningly capture these themes but feel like they existed in my own mind before she put them to paper. It’s one of the rarest kinds of connections, but also once of the most special. Below are several of her sketches and drawings that represent what an immensely talented artist she is. (If her artwork were a human being I’d bow before it.)








chiara bautista 006.jpg


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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

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