An ocean in the mountains

she’s an ocean in the mountains
salt water staining
the sediments
sand coating the pine needles
her tides singing
lullabies and longings
to the stubborn curves
of the cliffs
and they
are unmoved by her musing
coal. is. not. casual.
the ancient rocks
resist her fluid femininity
they demand apologies
for her avalanches
“why are your waves so restless—
diamonds take eternities to grow
didn’t you know?”
she pays tribute to the pearls
in her depths
ever mindful of the moon
as her moods crash
against the austere
faces of the rocks
resenting the calm
even as she escapes the chaos
of the before’s
and as she conforms to the canyons
she’s still just an ocean in the mountains

© a.duncan 2016

artwork by andreas lie

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Amor et melle et felle est fecundissimus || Love is rich with both honey and venom

2 thoughts on “An ocean in the mountains

  1. The restlessness of the soul. Like a storm in the middle of the ocean, or a tornado. A force of nature, Mother Nature, a construct of God or Man – torn between the comfortable life and the inviting and dark edges beyond the comfortable life.

    So do you give in and drown? Or swim?

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